Balamurugan E, M.Sc (N), PhD,

    Mr. Balamurugan is a PhD scholar from national consortium for PhD in Nursing, New Delhi. He earned his Bachelor degree from Mother Theresa Post Graduate Research Institute of Health Sciences (Pondicherry University) with University II rank. He completed his Master Degree from All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, in the discipline of Neurosciences Nursing with Distinction. His main interest is research in Epilepsy, work environment of nurses, medication error, organ donation, euthanasia, prevention of ventilator associated pneumonia and Nursing Clinical trials. He has experience as teaching faculty for undergraduate and post graduate programme in Vinayaka Mission University, Puducherry. He currently works as a clinical nurse in Government General Hospital, Karaikal. He was very active in doing research and disseminating it in various forums. His paper on Seizure triggers among people with epilepsy won Best paper Award in 2011 in International Epilepsy Congress held in Cochin. His Poster on Evidenced based Trauma Nursing Won Best poster award in the same year, in International Trauma Conference held in New Delhi. He was actively involved in International Aurocity Rotary Club and conducted various First Aid Training Programme for School and College Students. He serves in the editorial Board of many international journals. Few Publication of him were as follows:-


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